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Katy Yehonala outside Chelsea hotel in scene from multicultural romance novel

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“… an immersive and gripping piece that resonates deeply with the reader.” Rebecca Black, A.M.

The Diary of Katy Yehonala

A sweeping saga of three generations of extraordinary women whose lives were forged in the bloodiest era of China's history. Three women who lifted their gaze beyond their turbulent past, each to fulfil unique destinies.

The first is a proud matriarch who believes honouring family is worth any sacrifice.

The second senses destiny’s hand and experiences a love story for all time.

The third soars to breathtaking heights on the world stage, a mother’s selfless love beneath her wings.

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Two Chinese women outside spooky orphanage in Australian mystery novel at night

The Orphanage of Secrets

A Katy & Clara Yehonala Mystery

Katy and her intrepid daughter, Clara, suspect that the Vitara Orphanage is more than it seems. They set out to uncover the unspeakable evils hidden inside the orphanage, risking their lives as they unravel its terrifying secrets.

This second novel is a riveting murder/mystery told in exquisitely crafted language, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes darkly humorous. Orphanage of Secrets will be published in 2021

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Clara Yehonala plays Chopin

Enjoy the beautiful Chopin Nocturne Opus 9, Number 2 as our gift to you.

All four of Clara's musical performances she performs in Robert's new book will be available for subscribers.

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A proportion of every book sale is donated to the Sunlight Foundation which provides funds to rescue, rehabilitate and educate victims of child sex trafficking gangs in Asia. Great reading and a great cause to support.


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